Last night the Spurs took on the Bucks up in the Bradley Center. It was one of the more painful games to watch. Andrew Bogut, the #1 draft pick who needs a little refinement, became the X-Factor of the night and turned the tide of the game.

Bogut and the rest of the Bucks got what can only be described as “Home Court Advantage”. In the final minutes of the game and OT the Bucks got call after call in their favor. Tim Duncan was called for 2 fouls in that time that had him watching the remaining 2 minutes of OT from the bench. The first was a complete and utter flop by Bogut on a rebound which really set the mood for the end of the game. In OT, Duncan was called for a foul when one of the Bucks guards virtually backpeddaled into Tim in the back court. It was absurd.

The Spurs struggled in the 4th defensively and Bogut was unstoppable. They tied it up and sent it to OT. The Spurs defense stifled the Bucks offense, but a few borked possesions let the Bucks stay neck and neck. When the Spurs failed to score on the final possession of the game double OT appeared to be coming. There was .7 seconds on the clock and the Bucks lobbed in a pass to Bogut who tipped it in for the win.

All in all it was a valiant effort on the part of the Bucks, but it really pisses me off that despite being one of the largest cities in the country we are considered a small market and small market teams don’t get the calls. Nevermind we have 3 rings since ’99, MVPs, and a bench full of All-Stars. The fact that the Spurs have accomplished so much despite getting almost negative help from the officials every game is amazing. I have faith they can pull out another win this year, but the officiating in the NBA needs to tighten up. Blatantly ridiculous calls are becoming commonplace and it hurts the game, but it also negatively impacts the “small market” teams like the Spurs.

Did I mention that Bogut was a scrub who can’t play defense? Oops, did that come out?