Prior to coming to work here at Rackspace I had to take a StrengthsFinder test online. I didn’t really understand it so I kind of wrote it off. Having completed my 2nd week at Rackspace I can now say it has already started to change my life.

The test identifies natural talents that we all have so you can focus and improve on them. We have also had lots of training that has kind of reversed my thinking on personal self improvement. Of course we all have weaknesses that may cause failure, but spending all your time trying to correc those weaknesses is the wrong approach. If you spend an equal or greater amount of time working on things that you have a natural talent at them you can become world class in those areas. As those talented areas excel you can use them to work around the areas you are weak in.

Having it explained that way makes you kind of say, well duh. The problem is that everyone is so focused on correcting weakness and not strengthening talents and there is such a huge difference.

I am sure I will ramble more about these, but I will leave you with my list:

  • Learner
  • Achiever
  • Relator
  • Analytical
  • Responsibility