About a week or two ago my brother jumped on AIM and told me about a video called Loose Change. Loose Change is a documentary that paints a very troubling picture surrounding the events of 9–11. The long and short of it is that the US Govt. was involved on some level with the events for reasons that can only be speculated.

Before I get slammed for being Un-American I want to say that I don’t necessarily believe all the claims in the movie. I merely want to help spread the word so people can make their own informed decisions. I find it very hard to stomach that our Govt. would be involved in something so horrible. I suppose stranger things have happened.

The movie itself did spawn a few other questions that were probably not intended.

What if Osama Bin Laden was in fact a puppet of the US Govt? What if they used him to leverage policies in the US and worldwise? What if they used him and his actions to leverage control over the Muslim world?

I suggest you check it out and make up your own opinion.

You can see the movie on Google Video here. The official website is www.loosechange911.com