I work Sun – Thurs which is nice and explains why I am posting from work. The problem is that on Thursday some joker decided it would be funny to eat my 2 luscious BBQ Hot Pockets. Yes, someone that I work with actually ate my lunch. What kind of person does that? I lucked out in that there was some leftover lasagna in the breakroom from a lunch meeting. That didn’t make matters any better, it just made me less hungry. I sent out an email thanking the person who ate my food. I only got 1 reply from someone who had their food eaten as well. Do you ever just want to line people up and start slapping them all?

The reason I can’t win is that here I am on a Sunday, and no, nobody ate my food, but I managed to drop one of my 2 eggrolls right on the floor. How fantastic is that? I think I am cursed. Yes, I ate it anyway. I have a feeling the germs in my mouth are far more heinous than the ones on the ground.