So blog posting has taken a back seat to basically everything lately. Work is busy, all of my sites are in full swing, and life is happening. I did want to chime in about Windows Vista though. By now everyone knows that Vista runs great on the proper hardware and the Aeroglass theme looks amazing. What you don’t see a lot of information about is what does Vista look like on your parent’s old computer? That 4 year old beige box in the corner, yes, computers used to all be beige.

With that in mind I decided I would bring in my spare machine to work and get Vista RC1 installed on it and see how it runs. It’s a P3 733 with 768MB of ram in it with a GeForce Ti4200. Some of the parts have been tossed together from past incarnations of my main gaming rig. The install is well under way so we will see just how zippy it is once we are ready to go.