I’ve been a member on Digg long enough to know how things work. You submit a story and if it’s cool, it gets dugg up. I run a video game site part time and one of the big challenges is the “rat race” of posting hot new gaming news. Being the first one to post a hot new story is damn near impossible, but we all scamper around as if we have a shot. Then, when we aren’t the first ones to post something, we pretend like we were. It’s a silly little game in reality. With the massive number of new gaming sites starting to pop up and people realizing that Digg is a perfect tool to launch there site into the mainstream, think ActionButton here, the increasing number of intentional story dupes is getting out of hand.

Take for example the story I posted this morning about Nintendo donating 100 Wii systems to the YMCA to promote healthy living. I posted the story first thing this morning, a full hour or more than the next occurence of the story. Since then, the exact story has been submitted to Digg 4 additional times. The trick to getting a story Dugg now has less to do with getting your story submitted first and more to do with when you submit it. Since nobody cares if there are dupes, the story submitted at the highest peak time is most likely to have the highest number of Diggs.

I guess you could say this is another way that people are gaming Digg to promote their site above spreading news. I’ll admit that I’ve intentionally duped stories to try and see when the best time to submit stories to Digg is. In the end, I think having a large group of friends that digg your stories still results in a much better chance of hitting the topic front page or even the main page of Digg. Here is a screenshot of my story on Digg with the subsequent Diggs:

You will notice that my story previously had the most Diggs until a story posted much later has started to pick up steam. I love Digg and I do think it’s a great way to build awareness of your site, but at this rate I think the ratio of site admins and seos to regular readers on digg will increase and you will see the effectiveness of a site like Digg go down the tubes.