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The Volkswagon GTI W12 650

I’m a huge car guy. By that, I mean I love cars, not that I can work on them. I just learned to change my own oil last year. I have yet to do it on my own, but I digress. I am also a big VW guy. I don’t currently own one, but I’ve […]


Finals Here We Come

Last night’s Spurs/Jazz game was highly anti-climactic. The Jazz were playing with a gimped out Deron Williams and D.Fish was a no-show until the 2nd half. With a 19 pt lead in the first quarter, I took the rest of the evening to clean the house and play some video games with my son. All […]

Life in General

Words of Wisdom on Wednesday

I learned a valuable lesson this morning that I want to pass on to everyone. Having a pair of strawberry Pop-Tarts for breakfast in combination with an entire box of Dots before lunch is not something you ever want to try. I lack the self control to not eat the entire box of Dots in […]


The Devolution of the Jazz

With history on their side and all the momentum on their side, the Utah Jazz played host to the San Antonio Spurs in a very decisive Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals. The outcome of this game would undoubtedly be an indicator of the final outcome of this series. San Antonio is winless (0-8) […]


Welcome to my Fave Five, Trent Reznor

Let me start by saying that I love music. I love listening to it, watching it, and owning it. What I do not like to do is to buy it. Obviously I must be a music pirate right? Negative. I don’t steal music. I simply choose to deny myself the joy of buying music until […]


My Thoughts on the Spurs/Suns Series

I’m a big fan of the NBA and basketball in general. I’ve always loved basketball and as a fan of the Spurs I’ve seen just about every regular season game this year. In addition, I’ve watched almost every playoff game period, much to the chagrin of my wife. It’s playoff time and everyone knows that […]