With history on their side and all the momentum on their side, the Utah Jazz played host to the San Antonio Spurs in a very decisive Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals. The outcome of this game would undoubtedly be an indicator of the final outcome of this series. San Antonio is winless (0-8) all time in Utah in the postseason, something that the Jazz and their fans had to hope would remain true at the conclusion of the game. Game 3 saw a huge shift from San Antonio winning decisively at home to Utah laying the smack down on my Spurs with a 26 point victory.

The game was a teeter totter game with the the lead bouncing from 1 up to 7 or so throughout much of the game. The Spurs retained the lead most of the night, but we all know that the Spurs are notorious for blowing massive leads with a single bad quarter of play. As the 4th quarter got underway, the Spurs clung to a 1 point lead. 45 seconds into the 4th quarter, Sloan was T-ed up for mouthing off about a call that had Ginobili going to the line and Millsap charged with a foul. This would prove to be the first in a long string of calls that shows that Utah just doesn’t have the composure to win an NBA title.

With 2:26 left in the game, the Spurs had run the lead up to 8 when Manu drove on Fisher, who attempted to draw a foul and failed, and made the lead 10. D.Fish was obviously irritated at the call and gave Manu a bump on the way back down the court. Everyone in the NBA knows that this was not a smart move. Manu went along with the contact and drew a call that saw D.Fish hit with his first Technical. As they went to a commercial break, you can see Jerry Sloan exiting the courtside. Apparently he was unhappy with the call and received his second T. Maybe Jerry should realize that coming back from a 10 point deficit is doable if you keep your cool and get some good stops.

The teams exchanged baskets for a few possessions when Manu and Fisher were matched up again. Manu drove, stepped back, and drew a hard foul from Fisher. The officials had seen enough and hit Fisher with another T, obviously leading to an ejection. Okur had also fouled out 39 seconds before. This resulted in the classy Jazz fans starting to hurl debris onto the court. This left the Jazz coachless and without 2 key players and their fans spiraling downward. The Spurs went on to win a 91-79 victory and had to be rushed off the court as the fans continued to hurl things onto the court.

The game was hard fought and probably didn’t have a perfectly level outcome on the officiating end of things, but the Jazz turned the ball over more than enough times to let the Spurs win this game. With momentum and history on their side, the Jazz failed to take the Spurs in a very important game and the only thing I’ve heard all day is people whining about the officiating as if the officials had it in for the Jazz. You mean like how the Spurs were treated in Game 3? What? You forgot all about the officials advantage you received in that game?

All I know is that poise and determination will win you a title. The Jazz have neither. As for the fans, well, you guys were super classy. I hope the NBA hits your team with a fine for your wreckless behaviour. We’ll be nice and end this series in 5 so you don’t have to endure another heartbreaking loss at home since you obviously can’t handle that.