I was recently checking out kids toys, I have 2 young ones, on the Fisher Price website and at some point it decided I didn’t have the most current flash player installed and I got to this hilarious page.

Whoops! You need to download Flash and/or Shockwave to play with this activity. You’ll need a grown-up to help you.

Flash allows you to view animated cartoons and interactive games online.

Shockwave is the Web standard for rich-media and allows you to view interactive web content and listen to music online.

There are 2 key elements that make this page funny. The first one is that FP assumes the person navigating the page is not in fact a “grown-up”. Do underage kids often surf the web looking for toys? Secondly, if so, does FP honestly think a child is interested in exactly what Flash/Shockwave IS? I get the intention with the cutesy page and the fact that the second message is probably meant for the grown-up I was supposed to fetch, but I think they failed in their execution.