Halo 3 BoxDespite running what I would consider a fairly successful gaming website, I was kind overlooked by the powers that be for a copy of Halo 3 before launch. That said, my wife picked up a copy of Halo 3 for us today at Costco for $49.99, not a bad price by the way. After putting the kids to bed, we jumped on the 360 to get a little co-op campaign going. After ignoring many invites, sorry guys, we got underway.

So far, I am digging just about everything about Halo 3. Getting started was a little confusing as launching co-op campaign uses the multiplayer lounge concept and it threw me for a loop until I realized what I was doing. In game, the gameplay mechanics are fundamentally the same as previous games. New weapons, new vehicles, and better graphics are what make this a new Halo.

I haven’t gone online for any MP action since the beta so I can’t comment on that aspect of the game yet, but I hope to do that sometime this week. Maybe you’ll see me online… and maybe you won’t.