I like LEGOs. I always have. My brother and I had a disproportionately large number of LEGO sets growing up. They are mostly long gone now, aside from a few Star Wars sets I picked up at LEGOLAND in California a few years back. There is just something innately fun about putting LEGO sets together. It can’t be explained. I digress.

The real point of this post is to talk about the LEGO set that Gizmodo got their hands on today. I would venture to call this the Ultimate LEGO set. With over 5,000 pieces and a 4 pound ring bound manual, this set won’t be something you throw together in an afternoon.

At $500, this is not meant for the casual brick builder, but for the die hard. Many of the first run of this set were preordered over 5 months ago and are just now going out to consumers. The gallery at Gizmodo has some pretty sweet pictures of the set.

I’ll be passing on this as I can think of much better things to spend $500 on, but it sure would be awesome to have this set. I’d probably forget a brick like on step 10 and have to start over.