We had some stuff going on Monday night and didn’t get a chance to see the second episodes of the new Monday night shows until last night. Despite being exhausted I made it through Chuck, barely. In it’s second episode the show really gets going and comes into its own. I am really enjoying the mix of humor and action and I am beginning to develop a need for more. We’ll have to see how the story goes, but Chuck might end up being one of those shows that I love to watch, but can’t possibly go past a single season.

Journeyman, well… I was asleep for most of it. I have no idea how it was. :)

The Big Bang Theory was better than last week by a long shot, but it still went too over the top on the jokes. I totally get that is what the writers are going for, but they are pushing a bigger audience away by going TOO high level. Throw in a few very high level jokes and tone down the rest and you’ll see a lot better response. I’ll watch next week, but I’m not so sure how long this show is going to last.