In my spare time I am an IT consultant for a remodeling company here in town. They don’t have a full time tech, so I do all the stuff they need with most of it happening remotely. They run SBS, but I’ve been putting off their upgrade for too long now. They are (were) on version 2000 up until today. Today went something like this for me:

2:15pm – Leave My Office for Client Office
2:35pm – Arrive at Client Office
3:00pm – Locate software and begin prep for in place upgrade
4:00pm – Wait for data copy/image to complete
5:00pm – Wait for data copy/image to complete
6:00pm – Wait for data copy/image to complete

See a pattern here?

6:50pm – Begin actual upgrade
10:45pm – Complete initial OS upgrade

There were a lot more steps involved in the actual upgrade process, but there was one thing that sticks in my mind in general and that happens to be the hour that we sat while the system failed to read a file from the CD… After an hour of waiting and no progress we checked the event logs to find out the file on the cd was corrupt or otherwise unreadable. We popped in another copy of the media and viola it zipped along. After 8 hours at the client site on top of my regular work day I got to come home to a very exhausted family that is not used to their dad being away at night.

In a nutshell there is no real tale hidden in this post, but I just wanted to tell anyone considering an SBS 2003 R2 upgrade to plan for 6-10 hours to get it done. When I do server work my wife refers to time as “Chris Time” as my estimate of 2-3 hours always turns into 8-10. That said, set aside 6-10 hours of real time or 2-3 hours of chris time.

P.S. I know I am going to re-read this post on Monday morning and think to myself, “What in the hell was the point of that post?” Mark my words.