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Database, PHP, Programming

Is Database Abstraction Really Worth The Hassle?

I’ve been building web apps for a long time now, I guess about 5 years. In the early days, database abstraction didn’t “exist”. Everyone just used the functions provided in the standard PHP library such as mysql_connect, mysql_query, etc. At some point, we as developers decided this wasn’t good enough. We needed an easier and […]

Entertainment, TV

Chuck, Journeyman, and The Big Bang Theory

We had some stuff going on Monday night and didn’t get a chance to see the second episodes of the new Monday night shows until last night. Despite being exhausted I made it through Chuck, barely. In it’s second episode the show really gets going and comes into its own. I am really enjoying the […]

Gaming, Rumors

Something Amiss at Bungie?

There are rumors flooding gaming sites across the net that something big is going down concerning Microsoft and Bungie. Bungie has historically been very open with members of the press, but this week it’s been tight lips and lots of pointing towards the direction of Edelman, Microsoft’s PR Firm. Rumors range from an amicable split […]

Internet, Tech

Microsoft Exchange Home Edition – Where is it?

I work in the vast world of “IT”. All that means to most people is that I have some sort of job related to computers. It could range from cleaning out the inside of computer cases all the way up to managing a multi-regional network complete with complex data links between each location. That is […]

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