Toy makers these days are full of wonderful ideas. I mean, who wouldn’t want their kids playing with toys coated in lead paint and little dots that are akin to your children poppin’ ruffies. Looking through a recent toy catalog, my wife and I saw one of the worst ideas for a children’s toy I’ve ever seen. The Step-2 Extreme Coaster is a large ramp with a car like coaster for the child to ride on. At 40″ high, your child is sure to get quite a bit of speed as they exit the ramp. What happens then? You fly off into oblivion or grind to a halt 3/4 of a mile down the road. Who knows.

While the children in the picture are sporting helmets, I doubt they are included. This leads me to believe that the goal of this children’s toy is to send your son/daughter down a ramp with no built in way to stop and no included safety gear. Sounds like it’s right on par with the other toys that are coming out these days.

While I can put my “bitchy parent” mode on hold and see how much fun this would be for a properly equipped group of kids, I think it still represents a very dangerous scenario waiting to happen.

On the other hand, I wonder what the weight limit is… :)