Talking to my 3yr old son more often than not results in me staring at him in amazement. If the child were 5, he would posses an astounding vocabulary for his age. The fact that he has a vocabulary this wide at age 3 truly makes me wonder about him sometimes. On the way to school this morning him and I were talking just about nothing in general when he told me “You’re the man dad.”

Of course, hearing those words from your son would warm the heart of any dad, but hearing those from my son is an extra special thing. He inherited my inability to communicate appreciation and express feelings and there he was, telling me that he actually liked me. He then jumped straight into “I think that I’d like a skateboard, dude. You just put one foot on the front and the one on the back. Yeah, that’s all there is to skateboarding.”

Excuse me? How old are you? Did you just call me dude?

Being a parent is hard and makes you crazy sometimes, but there are times that are truly worth all the insanity.