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Swag Attack: Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy just showed up at the house and with it came a pretty nifty Commemorative Coin. Apparently these coins were given out for pre-ordering the game, although I am not sure which store was actually giving them out. Regardless, here are a few pictures of the swag.

Life in General

Being Outspoken Is A Good Thing

I’m generally a rather reserved person. I tend to keep most of my thoughts to myself. I’ve always been like this. I am finding out that the ability to wear your thoughts and emotions on your sleeve might actually be a good thing. There is something pretty liberating about just blurting it all out and […]

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SugarCRM – Installation Issues

I recently setup the free/open source version of SugarCRM to manage some of my business contacts in the gaming industry. I went with a web based solution so I could open up portions of the data to my staff. After selecting SugarCRM as my tool of choice, I setup space for it and got to […]

Life in General

What Is It With People These Days?

Did I blink and get dropped into the land of idiots and not realize it? Holy Smokes. If I wasn’t so busy already, I’d do a little reading and see why exactly people act like morons when they have the tiniest bit of anonymity. I mean, I can partially see why people on the Internet […]

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Open Port Tools –

There are a lot of tools out there for doing basic port scans on your edge devices. These tools are unnecessary if you access to a remote machine outside your network, but they come in real handy if you don’t. I saw this new tool on today and it’s a very nice simple tool […]

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I Support HD-DVD

Back when I had a disposable income that would buy more than a pack of chewing gun I used to buy all sorts of expensive gadgets. Those days are long gone. Having a family tends to do that, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The reality is that having a family keeps things […]

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A Pair of Handy Functions – IP to Hex Conversion

If you’ve done any custom IP work in the phpBB world, then you know that phpBB stores IP addresses in a hex format. This is simple, but you’ll definitely need to convert back to plain IP format (in octets) if you want to display that information. I am sure phpBB probably has some functions for […]

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