Over the Christmas break I took some time to unplug. I didn’t update this site at all and I only made a few minor posts over at SBG. The Cover Project admins were hard at work, like they always are, so there were some updates there.

By and large I tried to stay away from the computer. That didn’t work out as planned. On our trip to visit some relatives, I got to be the “relative that knows computer stuff” and fix a few machines and secure a wide open wireless network. No biggie and I honestly didn’t really mind.

Getting back to the actual holiday though. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year and I don’t mean this commercialized bullshit that it’s turned into. I mean, the actual act of relaxing with your family. The joy one gets from giving gifts is amazing. The old saying “it’s the though that counts” really rings true when you light up someone’s face with a very thoughtful gift.

This year was the 4th for my son and the very first for my daughter. She didn’t really get the idea yet, but man did my son get into it this year. We held off on putting out the presents until Christmas Eve so he wasn’t tempted by the sight of all the gifts. That turned out to be a wise move as all day on the 24th he was constantly saying “Ok, it’s time now, let’s open the presents.”

Kids are so funny.

At any rate, I hope you had a safe and fun Christmas, if you celebrate it that is. If not, I hope you had a great Tuesday off work