Dictionary.com defines a journalist as “a writer for newspapers and magazines”. After Gizmodo’s recent actions at CES where they openly admit to using a device called TV-B-Gone, it’s no surprise that the definition doesn’t include websites. This is not to say that there isn’t some high quality work being done by online journalists, just that running a blog and pretending you are a journalist doesn’t in fact make you one.

Gizmodo is the Gawker owned blog that is also responsible for slapping a profane internet picture by the name of “tubgirl” up on a fellow Gawker’s blog for more than an hour. If you don’t know what “tubgirl” is, just take my word that you don’t need to see this particular picture.

By all accounts, Gizmodo gives off the appearance of being a legitimate site with content that is worthwhile and interesting, but that is really where the legitimacy ends. The Editor in Chief of the site, Brian Lam, has shown for the second time in recent months that he is nothing more than an immature asshole with no regard for other peoples work or livelihood.

Maybe Gizmodo really doesn’t want to be taken seriously and would rather face the struggles of a small time site that doesn’t get invites to trade shows or press only events. Maybe they revel in the fact that proper journalism comes off as stuffy where blogging is hip and trendy and gives you street cred or something.

As someone who runs an online gaming site that began as a gaming blog of sorts and has transitioned into what I would hope is viewed as a professionally run site with journalists on my staff, I am appalled at Gizmodo’s actions and their lack of regard for others. Their stunt may have been fun and a little funny, but that doesn’t change the outcome that it has on other online media outlets. Some of us have worked very hard to establish ourselves as legitimate sources of information and news and stunts like this cast a shadow of immaturity on the rest of us.

Thanks Brian and Gizmodo, you’re making it harder for the rest of us. Why don’t you do all of us a favor and just fire yourselves and call it a day.