It’s probably rare that someone who has worked in the IT industry as long as I have managed to wait until 2008 to buy their first laptop. I thwarted the evil deed of dropping lots of money to take my computing on the road, but today I gave in and bought the family a nice little HP Pavilion Entertainment PC. It’s a Costco only model, but is based on the DV9720US model that is available just about anywhere. I’d be surprised if the gas station I filled up at this morning wasn’t stocking the doggone things.

It’s sporting a 17″ widescreen display and a dual core AMD Turion 64 chip with 2 GB of ram. I was leaning towards something a little less expensive and a little smaller, but I fell in love with the bigger display and just couldn’t manage to buy something without that kind of real estate.

The machine’s primary use will probably be for the house so lugging around this 7lb beast is less of an issue. We don’t really use the computer in the office all that much these days so having a nice solid machine in the living room is going to be a godsend.

I’ll post some pictures of this thing later on.