I’ve got a job application in with a company I used to work for as a developer and the primary technologies we’ll be using are Python and Ruby on Rails. I’ve got a bit of experience with both, but nothing recent. With that said, I’ve really been taking a closer look at what those languages offer and I’m quite excited about getting to build some large scale applications in both of them.

I’m currently working on a basic bank account/ledger application in RoR and some simple pages that emulate the pages of Snackbar Games as a learning experience in Python. I’ve spent the last 5-6 years in PHP and while I love the language because I have a very firm grasp on it, I want to branch out and expand my base of knowledge. After 5 years there are still things I am learning in PHP so the thought of 2 whole new languages/technologies to get familiar with is a bit daunting, but at the same time exciting.

The only downside with RoR is that my hosting account doesn’t support it without an upgrade that I can’t justify right now. It does support Python so maybe you’ll see a few python modules or classes start to pop up over here in the near future.