I better slow down with all these blog posts or someone is going to think that it’s all I do. I’ll stick to the story that many of them are future dated and show up when I want them to.

At any rate, I was just checking out my old profile on blogger and I saw that I had woodworking listed as a hobby of mine. It’s certainly something I enjoy. I enjoy the pure idea of constructing something from raw materials. This is not limited to raw pieces of timber.

Then I started to think about it further and I can’t actually remember a single noteworthy piece that I have ever constructed. I certainly enjoy it and know that I’ve built things in the past, but I currently have nothing to show for it. What a travesty. I hereby commit to building something from raw materials in the next 6-8 weeks and posting about it once it is complete.

I don’t know what I am building yet, but I am building something.