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Headed Back To Rackspace

I mentioned last week that I had a job offer on the table and I wanted to state that it was official now. I have accepted an offer to work as a Level 3 Windows Engineer for Rackspace. This should be a great move and really revitalize me professionally as working in a small business […]

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An Eventful Weekend

When you have kids, most weekends tend to be eventful. This past weekend was a little more eventful than most. Friday night was by and large a normal day. We spent some time cleaning up the house and sitting around. Saturday morning showed up far too early and we had a soccer game at 11 […]

Life in General

Amazon Shipping Is Ok

After trashing on Amazon, I found out that maybe their shipping estimates just suck. My USPS delivered package that was slated for delivery on Monday actually showed up yesterday. Now I just have to wait for the DHL guy to come. Fingers crossed that the estimate of Tuesday is off and my PSP shows up […]

Life in General

Amazon Shipping Is a Joke

Amazon’s big thing is promoting their free shipping. I mean, why not right? It makes it look like they are giving you something for free. If you’ve ever used it though it feels like they literally wait until nobody is doing anything else and then they finally decide to pack and ship your order. So […]

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I Now Own a PSP

Well, I will as soon as UPS delivers it later this week. I’ve finally made the jump and picked up one of the ceramic white PSP units complete with Darth Vader’s awesome mug on the back. With this purchase, I have solidified myself firmly in the video game world as a complete and total nerd. […]

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Kids + Aluminum Cans = Bad News

I think this is payment for the way I acted as a child, but no matter how many times I tell my son something he doesn’t listen. Take for instance, sticking your finger inside an aluminum soda can. I can’t count the number of times I’ve told him that the edges were sharp and it […]

Life in General

I Love Tax Time

I know what you are thinking. “How can anyone possibly love tax time?” Right? I don’t always love tax time, just this year. It seems that for most people, despite their best effort to get their taxes properly paid that they end up screwing something up and owing the IRS at least a little bit […]

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Kids Are Too Smart

My 4 yr old is allowed to play video games. We really restrict what content he is exposed to, but we do allow him some video game time. We let him play Sly Cooper on the PS2 until we saw a negative change in his behavior. He got obsessed and did nothing but talk about […]

Life in General

Bravo – I Think I’m Sick

On Saturday, my wife and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. To celebrate, we had a birthday party for my son and worked our tails off. Needless to say we didn’t do any kind of celebrating. Last night we finally got around to going to dinner, alone. This in and of itself is a rare event […]

Kids, Life in General

Shots Suck

I hate getting shots so I can totally symphatize that my kids also hate getting shots. Unfortunately for my oldest, yesterday was the fun Dr. visit that comes with having a birthday. This time it came with a 4-pack of shots. I don’t remember what the vaccinations were for, but I can still picture his […]

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