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Seriously Kobe. Are you blind enough to actually believe that Fisher didn’t foul Barry on that last shot? Even the Zen Master admitted that Fisher bumped him.

Life in General

A Shout Out To All The Single Parents

My mother in law owns a local flower shop and during rush times my wife goes up to help with all the orders. Often times this results in her working about 40 hours over the course of 3-4 days. During these times, I get to wrangle the kids and boy does it get tough. So […]

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An Experiment Gone Wrong

Having kids is a daily challenge. Most things you can get through by counting to 10 and taking a few deep breaths. On occasion, something happens that is a little more difficult to get through. Rewind to yesterday. My 4 yr old son decided to conduct a science experiment. I haven’t concluded if this was […]


Bring On The Lakers

I really scaled back all my sports posts because I realized that I don’t really have anything interesting or unique to stay on the topic and I really come off as a blatant Spurs homer, which I am. I did want to take a moment to give the Spurs a shout out for showing up […]


Goodbye Vista

I’ve been a staunch supporter of Windows Vista since well before release. I’ve used it for well over a year and defended it’s use for a long time before arriving at this conclusion. That changes today. As Microsoft would say, my support has gone EOL. For you non-techs out there, EOL stands for End of […]

Life in General

Strive to Compete

If you walked up to me and asked me if I was competitive I would probably say no without even thinking about it. After all, I don’t consider myself to be a competitive person. I’ve been one of those people that honestly believed it was more about the effort than the outcome. At 27 years […]