I really scaled back all my sports posts because I realized that I don’t really have anything interesting or unique to stay on the topic and I really come off as a blatant Spurs homer, which I am.

I did want to take a moment to give the Spurs a shout out for showing up last night and showing the Hornets what it’s like to play a Championship caliber team. They weren’t prepared and didn’t bring it. The result is that the Spurs have a chance to engage in another battle with the top of the West, the Lakers.

Before the playoffs started, I was pretty sure that Boston would sail through the East and whip up whoever came out of the West. After all, the West is a battle this year. I was wrong. I think that the Spurs or Lakers, whoever comes out on top, is going to crush either Detroit or Boston. Boston has shown they don’t have the composure to compete at this level and the Pistons are just passed their time.

Regardless of how it all plays out, I think this is hands down the best post season ever. I’m sure my wife will be glad when it’s over as I’ve watched almost every single playoff game to date.