Shortly after my wife and I started dating so many years ago, we went to dinner with her family at a quiet little mexican restaurant at the corner of West Ave and NW Military called La Rosita. The owner was a strange man named Fred. Fred had Woo.

What I mean by that was that Fred’s goal in life was to be the most hospitable person on earth and he was. In fact, the local newspaper had nicknamed him “Hospitality Fred.”

The food was good and the service was outstanding. Our usual waiter began prepping our drinks as he saw us walking to our table. They were usually on the table within a minute or so of us arriving at the table. He remembered what we all drank and what our favorite dishes were for close to 6 years.

2 or 3 years ago Fred sold the restaurant to another very nice gentleman that used to run a Luby’s. George was a swell guy that graduated from Texas A&M and he did a good job of making people feel at home, but he was no Fred and it showed. Many customers moved on to other places once Fred was gone. A sad thought considering nothing about this quaint little place had changed except the smiling face at the door.

Last night we decided to get together with my inlaws for dinner and decided to head to La Rostia, or Fred’s as we’d called it. Upon arriving we were greeted with an alarming sight… La Rosita was gone. The signs had been removed and the restaurant was vacant, with only the characteristic neon lights still up and the built in booths adorning the walls. They’d been here not 2 weeks prior for dinner, so the closing must have been a swift one.

A major loss for San Antonio residents indeed, La Rosita was a wonderful place that has been the backdrop for many fond memories over the years. It is with a sad heart that I bid adieu to La Rosita. It’s been grand.