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Horizontal Subnav with CSS and jQuery

Navigation and sub navigation is something that almost all sites have and very few actually implement in a user friendly way. I’ve struggled with the best way to do this in the past and even hacked the jQuery UI Tabs implementation to achieve what I needed. Last week I was browsing some of the feeds […]


5 Tips to Write Better CSS

I’m not normally a fan of crosslinking to other sites, but I ran across a really good article for people new to CSS that may need a little direction on how to organize their CSS. These are things that would have been hugely helpful to me as an early user of CSS. You can check […]

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To Reset Or Not

There is an ongoing debate about the use of CSS Reset stylesheets in web development. (See here, then here, then here) If you aren’t familiar with the concept, the idea is that a CSS Reset attempts to equalize the differences between default browser styles. At first glance this is a great idea right? Who wouldn’t […]

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Using a CSS Grid System For Layouts

If you’ve ever attempted to build a truly clean, cross browser compliant, css based layout then you know that it can take quite a bit of work for everything to come together. One of the tricky parts is getting your horizontal alignment setup. CSS Framework is almost an oxymoron in that most websites rarely share […]