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Swag Attack: Endless Ocean & Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

Endless Ocean and the new Advance Wars: Days of Ruin are both dropping on Monday for the Wii and DS respectively, but I got my copy of both games today. As I try to do, I am posting pictures of the “swag” that accompanied them even though it is less swag and more nifty promotional […]

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My Take on the Harmonix/Activision Deal

If you aren’t familiar with the situation, here is a brief summary. Rock Band launches to massive fanfare and clamor for additional guitars to make a full band. Standalone guitars won’t be available until sometime next year. Standalone Guitar Hero guitars ARE available so why not use them? This is a non-issue for Xbox 360 […]

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I’m Going BluRay

I recently blogged about making the jump into the high definition format war with my purchase of a Toshiba HD-A2 player at Wal-Mart’s special friday sale. Now that I’ve taken a good hard look at the movies available on each format and the amount of titles that retail stores and online stores are stocking, I […]

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First Impressions: skate (X360)

I’m a big fan of skateboarding games for some reason. In High School I was an “aggressive rollerblader”, a term that I hate to this day. It just sounds so… gay. I mean, skateboard just kind of rolls off the tongue and “ag-gres-ive roll-er-blade-er” doesn’t. In fact, it kind of struggles to make it to […]

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Swag Attack: Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy just showed up at the house and with it came a pretty nifty Commemorative Coin. Apparently these coins were given out for pre-ordering the game, although I am not sure which store was actually giving them out. Regardless, here are a few pictures of the swag.

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I Support HD-DVD

Back when I had a disposable income that would buy more than a pack of chewing gun I used to buy all sorts of expensive gadgets. Those days are long gone. Having a family tends to do that, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The reality is that having a family keeps things […]

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The Orange Box for GoTY?

Most nights I stay up way later than I should working on freelance coding projects. Last night I opted to take a break from that and spend a little time relaxing with The Orange Box. The Orange Box is Valve’s newest release and comes packed with essentially 5 total games. 3 of those games are […]

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Here Comes The Snowball

The RIAA has had a death grip on the music scene forever now. The antiquated business model they use was made obsolete when the internet became a mainstream reality, but they held on. They’ve held on and alienated their customers by suing first and asking questions later. It never occurred to them that the reason […]

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I Have A Problem

They say that the first step is to admit you have a problem. I have a problem. My problem is not drugs or alcohol, but Chuck. I’m a Chuck-oholic. NBC has lured me in with this super spy computer geek combination and I can’t get away. I know that TV is largely trivial in the […]

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Chuck, Journeyman, and The Big Bang Theory

We had some stuff going on Monday night and didn’t get a chance to see the second episodes of the new Monday night shows until last night. Despite being exhausted I made it through Chuck, barely. In it’s second episode the show really gets going and comes into its own. I am really enjoying the […]

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