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I Now Own a PSP

Well, I will as soon as UPS delivers it later this week. I’ve finally made the jump and picked up one of the ceramic white PSP units complete with Darth Vader’s awesome mug on the back. With this purchase, I have solidified myself firmly in the video game world as a complete and total nerd. […]

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Swag Attack: Endless Ocean & Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

Endless Ocean and the new Advance Wars: Days of Ruin are both dropping on Monday for the Wii and DS respectively, but I got my copy of both games today. As I try to do, I am posting pictures of the “swag” that accompanied them even though it is less swag and more nifty promotional […]

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Conflict of Interest: Video Game Aggregate Sites

Sites like GameRankings, MetaCritic, and GameStats are what the lazy people of the internet use to gauge a game’s overall quality. The theory behind this is that on average, a large sampling of reviews will give you a proper perspective of the game. I would tend to agree. Being a Statistics geek, the previous statement […]

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I Bought a Playstation 3

I’ve been waiting for a good time to pick up a PS3 since it launched just over a year ago and that time finally arrived. With the almost extinction of the 20GB and 60GB models available for purchase I decided to pick up a refurbished 60GB model from Overstock this evening for about $470, $129 […]

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My Take on the Harmonix/Activision Deal

If you aren’t familiar with the situation, here is a brief summary. Rock Band launches to massive fanfare and clamor for additional guitars to make a full band. Standalone guitars won’t be available until sometime next year. Standalone Guitar Hero guitars ARE available so why not use them? This is a non-issue for Xbox 360 […]

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Stuck In A Gaming Rut

Playing video games is a great way to have some fun and kill some time. What happens when you shift that form of entertainment from a hobby to work? Over the past 5 years, I’ve been rushing through games all in the name of doing write-ups for Snackbar Games, and while I love both aspects […]

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First Impressions: skate (X360)

I’m a big fan of skateboarding games for some reason. In High School I was an “aggressive rollerblader”, a term that I hate to this day. It just sounds so… gay. I mean, skateboard just kind of rolls off the tongue and “ag-gres-ive roll-er-blade-er” doesn’t. In fact, it kind of struggles to make it to […]


First Impressions: Call of Duty 4 (X360)

My brother let me borrow his copy of Call of Duty 4 to check out and I just played through the first 2 missions. Graphically, it’s very impressive and so realistic I felt like I was playing a movie. Gameplay wise though I felt like I was playing a squad based game like Ghost Recon […]

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Swag Attack: Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy just showed up at the house and with it came a pretty nifty Commemorative Coin. Apparently these coins were given out for pre-ordering the game, although I am not sure which store was actually giving them out. Regardless, here are a few pictures of the swag.

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I Support HD-DVD

Back when I had a disposable income that would buy more than a pack of chewing gun I used to buy all sorts of expensive gadgets. Those days are long gone. Having a family tends to do that, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The reality is that having a family keeps things […]

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