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The $300 Million Button

I made a post the other day talking about user interface and I wanted to share the post that really inspired me and changed my whole viewpoint on interface design. It is called The $300 Million Button.

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Preserving form data on the fly – Part 1

I recently had the opportunity to interview a celebrity about an upcoming video game that he is involved with. There was a little bit of a challenge to conducting this particular interview because it had to be conducted through Twitter. Twitter isn’t a great avenue for interviews since I didn’t want everyone to see the […]

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What is more important, design or UI?

There are really quite a few steps that go into a well designed site beginning with the functional design of the site, the visual style and appearance of the site, and then the underlying code that pulls it all together. I’m very good at the last piece of the puzzle, but I have never taken […]

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Firefox 3.5 Character Encoding Issues

I usually upgrade to the newest version of Firefox, currently 3.5.2, as soon as it becomes available. In the last week or so I noticed that certain web forms with text boxes begun to display very odd characters regardless of what I was typing. I could copy this text and paste it into notepad and […]


What is your preferecens?

I don’t know what mine is either, but apparently Yahoo was unable to save them:

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WordPress 2.5 Rocks

I just blindly upgraded this site to WordPress 2.5 and wow. I figured it would be a minor upgrade, but there is a completely revamped dashboard and admin backend to this thing that is stellar. Great job guys, I am really loving the changes.

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Goodbye Trillian; Hello Pidgin

There is no denying the speed or convenience of using instant messaging for communication. Phone calls are good, email is better, and IM is the best. Since about 2006 I’ve been using Trillian for my IM needs. Trillian uses an XML based client side file to store your buddies and their aliases. The lack of […]

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Gizmodo – The Difference Between Bloggers and Journalists defines a journalist as “a writer for newspapers and magazines”. After Gizmodo’s recent actions at CES where they openly admit to using a device called TV-B-Gone, it’s no surprise that the definition doesn’t include websites. This is not to say that there isn’t some high quality work being done by online journalists, just that […]

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Conflict of Interest: Video Game Aggregate Sites

Sites like GameRankings, MetaCritic, and GameStats are what the lazy people of the internet use to gauge a game’s overall quality. The theory behind this is that on average, a large sampling of reviews will give you a proper perspective of the game. I would tend to agree. Being a Statistics geek, the previous statement […]


So Just Who Does This Guy Work For?

I always find it funny when large companies use the same stock photos. This guy is showing up on right now as well as the Publisher front page for Yahoo’s ad service (sometimes, it’s a rotating photo).

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