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Open Port Tools –

There are a lot of tools out there for doing basic port scans on your edge devices. These tools are unnecessary if you access to a remote machine outside your network, but they come in real handy if you don’t. I saw this new tool on today and it’s a very nice simple tool […]

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Gone Dark

The internet is a fascinating thing. It empowers us to feel connected to other people without actually talking to them. It’s the avenue with which most of us communicate with one another. It’s the lifeblood of the newer generations. That said, our friends at the Texas Department of Transportation took that away from me this […]

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Microsoft Exchange Home Edition – Where is it?

I work in the vast world of “IT”. All that means to most people is that I have some sort of job related to computers. It could range from cleaning out the inside of computer cases all the way up to managing a multi-regional network complete with complex data links between each location. That is […]


What is YOUR target audience?

I was recently checking out kids toys, I have 2 young ones, on the Fisher Price website and at some point it decided I didn’t have the most current flash player installed and I got to this hilarious page. Whoops! You need to download Flash and/or Shockwave to play with this activity. You’ll need a […]


Wii Fan Finds Shiggys Bronzed Booger On Ebay

Nothing to see here. This is my fake story about Shiggy’s bronzed boogers from Digg. In one of the many Digg submissions about this week’s Virtual Console releases for the Wii it was mentioned that any story with the word “Wii” in it would hit the front page and mykos said: “If a Wii fan […]


Why Being First on Digg Means Nothing

I’ve been a member on Digg long enough to know how things work. You submit a story and if it’s cool, it gets dugg up. I run a video game site part time and one of the big challenges is the “rat race” of posting hot new gaming news. Being the first one to post […]

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