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A working recursive directory remove function for PHP

I’ve got a client that really wanted to have functionality built into his site that would duplicate a directory and all the files. No big deal except that all the files end up owned by nobody and with the permissions set to 644, which means I can’t delete them via FTP when something goes wrong […]

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jQuery Superfish Menu and Jeditable in IE7

Since I’m carrying on a love affair with jQuery right now, I’m moving most of my customers to jQuery based plugins to simplify the JS code that I am currently using on their sites. One customer happens to make extensive use of the jQuery Jeditable plugin for dynamic/ajax based content updates. One issue I ran […]

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Validating reCaptcha with jQuery and AJAX

This example is well out of date. Please don’t use it as is until I have a chance to update it. I recently did some work for one of my clients that involved securing some simple web forms. These forms were to request literature or request a call back, simple stuff. Incidentally they were getting […]

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Prosilver: Online/Offline Text Tag

If you don’t like the idea of an angled online image like the one that is default in the Prosilver theme of phpBB3, you can move to an Online/Offline text tag instead. 1. Go to your ACP 2. Click on the Styles Tab 3. Under Style Components click Templates 4. Click edit next to Prosilver […]

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Adding Post Titles To Your Forum List in phpBB3

6 weeks after it’s release, I finally found the time to upgrade the forum over at Snackbar Games to phpBB 3. My hand was kind of forced due to some massive load that was generated on our phpBB2.x install and to appease the webhosting company, I told them I was going to upgrade to a […]

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Programmers: Experience vs Talent

Nick Halstead recently asked himself the question: Is experience better than talent? It’s a perfectly valid question and probably one that more hiring managers should ponder before kicking off a recruitment run. Nick’s conclusion was really less of a conclusion and more of an affirmation that it’s too hard to give a simple answer to […]

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Making Prosilver Have Profiles on the Left

phpBB 3.0 was released this week and the default theme, Prosilver, has the post content on the left and the poster’s profile on the right. This is reverse from most forum software and the subsilver theme of previous phpBB releases. I’ve taken the time to tweak the CSS and code to flip the poster profile […]

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PHP Is a Bad Language for New Programmers

PHP is a very simple language to learn. It’s loose data types and plethora of examples on the web make the cost of entry to PHP development very low. It also empowers new programmers to venture out and get cracking on their own projects. I admire the efforts of these new programmers, but I also […]

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I’m Beginning To Hate VB

I’m primarily a web developer and currently spend most of my time with PHP and JavaScript. My roots go back to Unix C programming and a whole host of other languages including Perl. Making the move to Win32 development hasn’t been an easy one and it’s not a place that I want to stay for […]

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SugarCRM – Installation Issues

I recently setup the free/open source version of SugarCRM to manage some of my business contacts in the gaming industry. I went with a web based solution so I could open up portions of the data to my staff. After selecting SugarCRM as my tool of choice, I setup space for it and got to […]

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