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Making Prosilver Have Profiles on the Left

phpBB 3.0 was released this week and the default theme, Prosilver, has the post content on the left and the poster’s profile on the right. This is reverse from most forum software and the subsilver theme of previous phpBB releases. I’ve taken the time to tweak the CSS and code to flip the poster profile […]

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Sniff Your Users Version of Flash with Javascript

I ran across this on a website I hit this morning and found it to be quite useful. So I am reposting it here in case anyone else is trying to do this. In a nutshell, this bit of javascript will return a decimal value of the highest version of the Flash Player installed on […]

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PHP Is a Bad Language for New Programmers

PHP is a very simple language to learn. It’s loose data types and plethora of examples on the web make the cost of entry to PHP development very low. It also empowers new programmers to venture out and get cracking on their own projects. I admire the efforts of these new programmers, but I also […]

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I’m Beginning To Hate VB

I’m primarily a web developer and currently spend most of my time with PHP and JavaScript. My roots go back to Unix C programming and a whole host of other languages including Perl. Making the move to Win32 development hasn’t been an easy one and it’s not a place that I want to stay for […]

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SugarCRM – Installation Issues

I recently setup the free/open source version of SugarCRM to manage some of my business contacts in the gaming industry. I went with a web based solution so I could open up portions of the data to my staff. After selecting SugarCRM as my tool of choice, I setup space for it and got to […]

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A Pair of Handy Functions – IP to Hex Conversion

If you’ve done any custom IP work in the phpBB world, then you know that phpBB stores IP addresses in a hex format. This is simple, but you’ll definitely need to convert back to plain IP format (in octets) if you want to display that information. I am sure phpBB probably has some functions for […]


A Week In the World Of Win32

I spent most of this week away from my comfort zone in web development and deeply immersed in the world of desktop application development. One of my main roles at work is to build and maintain an application for tracking our jobs. The details of which are unimportant at the present time. One of the […]

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Is Database Abstraction Really Worth The Hassle?

I’ve been building web apps for a long time now, I guess about 5 years. In the early days, database abstraction didn’t “exist”. Everyone just used the functions provided in the standard PHP library such as mysql_connect, mysql_query, etc. At some point, we as developers decided this wasn’t good enough. We needed an easier and […]


PhpED 5.0

I’m a full time PHP developer, so after spending the first few years coding in some free text editor, Crimson Editor and then later PSPad, I moved to a full blown PHP IDE. Naturally the 2 choices for a PHP IDE are the Zend Studio and PhpED. There are other products, but none of them […]

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