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I’m Going BluRay

I recently blogged about making the jump into the high definition format war with my purchase of a Toshiba HD-A2 player at Wal-Mart’s special friday sale. Now that I’ve taken a good hard look at the movies available on each format and the amount of titles that retail stores and online stores are stocking, I […]

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SugarCRM – Installation Issues

I recently setup the free/open source version of SugarCRM to manage some of my business contacts in the gaming industry. I went with a web based solution so I could open up portions of the data to my staff. After selecting SugarCRM as my tool of choice, I setup space for it and got to […]

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Open Port Tools –

There are a lot of tools out there for doing basic port scans on your edge devices. These tools are unnecessary if you access to a remote machine outside your network, but they come in real handy if you don’t. I saw this new tool on today and it’s a very nice simple tool […]

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I Support HD-DVD

Back when I had a disposable income that would buy more than a pack of chewing gun I used to buy all sorts of expensive gadgets. Those days are long gone. Having a family tends to do that, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The reality is that having a family keeps things […]

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The Tale of a Small Biz Server Upgrade

In my spare time I am an IT consultant for a remodeling company here in town. They don’t have a full time tech, so I do all the stuff they need with most of it happening remotely. They run SBS, but I’ve been putting off their upgrade for too long now. They are (were) on […]

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Microsoft Exchange Home Edition – Where is it?

I work in the vast world of “IT”. All that means to most people is that I have some sort of job related to computers. It could range from cleaning out the inside of computer cases all the way up to managing a multi-regional network complete with complex data links between each location. That is […]

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A Silent Vacuum?

As the clock ticks past 1 in the morning, I am winding down the daily ritual of picking up the house. You see I have a 3yr old that more closely resembles a hurricane than an actual child sometimes. From room to room he goes, leaving a path of destruction in his wake. As I […]


Fun with 1&1

I had a simple problem, I am unable to issue INSERT commands to my DB. This should be a simple verification of the users’ db permissions. I called support and instead of the technician ensuring that he fully understood the problem, he merely asked for the url I was having trouble with. Upon furnishing it […]


Do the Gundam Shuffle

Masaaki Nagumo, an engineer at Japan’s machinery maker Sakakibara Kikai, has built an 11 foot tall 2 legged robot that he has named “Land Walker. The mech shuffles on feet with wheels as opposed to truly walking, but what it lacks in that department it makes up for with its side mounted guns. You can […]


What happens when Google Maps gets lost?

I saw this on Digg this morning and it was too funny to not post.

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