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SoftPerfect Network Scanner stuck off-screen?

I recently ran into sort of an odd issue with the free version of SoftPerfect’s excellent Network Scanner. The window was stuck somewhere off screen. I have a dual screen setup, which probably contributed to the problem, and no amount of cascading the windows would bring it back into view. The problem is compounded by […]

Uncategorized Makeover

It looks like the behemoth of a retailer has finally overhauled their website layout and gone are the nasty yellow and blue colors that remind me of their retail stores. With this new layout they have joined the rank and file of the web monsters with a white and blue layout with lots of neat […]


IE7 CSS Changes are on the Horizon

IE’s support for CSS has been lacking for years now. There is a posting on the IE Team’s blog that they are bringing a few changes to IE7. Most notably they will be adding PNG transparency, the bane of my existence, and enabling :hover for all page elements. This should help out the developers a lot.


FireFox 2 is out and Alt S is broken

So I grabbed the final release of FireFox 2 this morning. The answer to the age old question of “Are your extensions broken?” is a resounding yes. I think maybe 3 of them work as of this morning. Luckily they are the ones that I use most of the time. The next big annoyance with […]


IE7 Gold

So IE7 is gold, which means it has been finalized and readied for release. While the links are not active on the Microsoft website, there are copies of the final release floating around in the wild from a brand new Yahoo Mail application. I installed it from there and have confirmed it is the final […]


Vista Update

So far I have been completely unable to get Vista installed on this old machine. In RC1 it freezes at the Completing Installation screen and Beta 2 locks up while expanding the files. I’m going to try again later this week.


It’s Been a While

So blog posting has taken a back seat to basically everything lately. Work is busy, all of my sites are in full swing, and life is happening. I did want to chime in about Windows Vista though. By now everyone knows that Vista runs great on the proper hardware and the Aeroglass theme looks amazing. […]


One Year Wonder

I consider myself a pretty smart guy, but this kid makes me look like I have the intelligence of a rock. David Banh, an 18-year-old from Annandale, just graduated from the University of Virginia in one year. With a double major. He started college with 72 hours under his belt from AP tests. His first […]


Google Homepage gets Tabs

I am not sure when they launched this nifty feature, but the customizable Google Homepage ( now has a nifty tabs feature that lets you add multiple tabs, rename the tabs, and drag content between tabs. For those of you like myself that have far too many feeds to keep track of you can now […]

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